Take your marketing to the next level! Optimal Station provides an array of experiential technology marketing activations integrating interactive media with state-of-the-art product dispensing capabilities. They can be tailored to include social media walls, HD digital ad displays, artificial intelligence, promotional vending, photo booths, and much more.

Some of the Many Possibilities Available with an Optimal Station Experiential Activation

Dispense call-to-action options including survey, hashtag, gameplay, or completely custom

4K interactive brilliant touch screens, (your choice of size[s])

Social media wall with live curated feeds and option for contests

Photo booth with wide array of options including custom photo frames, a multitude of filters, survey capabilities, and social media integration

Ability to display vivid videos, static ads, websites, and/or integrated augmented reality

Full post-activation analytic reporting of all data collected. (social media, photo booth, survey, etc.)

Custom physical and digital branded environments

Complete the suite with a gourmet coffee station, charging station, and/or complementary furnishings

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360° Station

Future 360° Station

Double-Take Station

Clear View One-Sider Station

Digital View One-Sider Station

ClearView Junior

Interactive Ad Station

Charging Station

Coffee Station

Software Features

Customization including:

  •  Full digital branding of all screens (and photo prints when applicable)
  • A variety of Calls to Action (CTA) (e.g. survey, gameplay, hashtag dispense, etc.)
  • Completely touchless user interface and/or antimicrobial screens available

Some of the possibilities include

  •  Custom storyboard survey (up to 12 pages) to capture attendee data
  • Ability to trigger ads and product selections based on tracking of audience demographics
  • Email verification via code-based redemption process
  • Automated email and/or SMS invitations to website links and/or app downloads
  • Integration of social media branding and contests
  • Implementation of ad wall digital media
  • Augmented reality capabilities

360° Station

Future 360° Station

Double-take Station

Clear View One-Sider Station

Digital View One-Sider Station

ClearView Junior

Interactive Ad Station

Charging Station

Coffee Station


What is Experiential Marketing (also called Event Marketing)?

Experiential marketing is a promotional strategy that companies/organizations use to expand their brand and/or increase product/service sales.  Unlike traditional marketing, experiential marketing utilizes active, as opposed to passive engagement. EM is normally a multi-sensory, live, highly interactive engagement used at trade shows, conventions, concerts, fairs, and sporting events. It can also be a great way to reach consumers via a pop-up.

What makes Optimal Station’s experiential marketing service different from the others?

Optimal Station creates customized fun and engaging ways for your company/organization to connect with the consumer while gathering data necessary for measuring ROI and/or gauging the public’s purchasing needs and preferences.

How can it benefit my company/organization?

Rather than throwing money away to set up a booth at a convention and give away swag to random strangers (for example), the attendees will actually want to communicate with you directly.  They have a reason to want to share their contact information (phone number/email address, answers to specific questions, etc.)

How can we make the Station of our choice our own?

We custom brand not only the exterior, but each and every feature based on the needs of our client.

Are the assets available for sale?

Currently, the Stations (some of which are only available as part of a full-service, all-inclusive package) are available for rent only.  However, we do have long-term leases available for some of our Stations.

Who handles the logistics?

Optimal Station manages the shipping and tracking of the equipment. We then meet it at the event location, personally dealing with the material handling company to make sure everything was set up quickly and correctly.

What if there is a technical malfunction during the activation.

If you choose our full-service, all-inclusive service package, our highly-trained and fully qualified Optimizer will be on-site to ensure the hardware and software is working before and throughout the event making sure your event comes off without a hitch. We will fix whatever comes up without you even knowing something went wrong. If you choose one of our plug-and-play, self-service options, we are available by phone and video call.

If we select one of the Stations that dispenses items, who stocks and restocks it?

If you choose our full-service, all-inclusive service package, our highly-trained and fully qualified Optimizer will be on-site to stock the Station with your samples or giveaways throughout the event.  If you choose one of our plug-and-play, self-service options, our staff will train one (or more) of yours to do so. Optimal will also be available by phone or video as well.

What else does your full-service, all-inclusive service provide?

Our fully-trained and highly skilled Optimizers will learn about your brand and how to represent it with the same passion and commitment you do.  They will actively attract clients to your booth from across the convention center and enthusiastically engage the attendees on your behalf.

What can your Stations accomplish that I can’t do simply by placing a booth at an event?

Our Stations are capable of gathering accurate, verified emails, phone numbers, and/or answers to survey questions you pre-select.  We can also expand your social media traffic and impressions, proving that by providing thorough, detailed post-event reports.

What kind of post-even reports do you provide and when will I receive them?

You will receive a robust, detailed analytics report within 7 days of the show’s end providing you with the consumer metrics data and analytics you need to formulate sound business moves.  Depending upon your selections, you will learn about the increase in your social media reach. You can also receive detailed reporting on any survey questions you chose to have posed at the event, including any associated email addresses that were collected.  You can obtain a list of phone numbers gained from the photobooth interaction. Those are just a few of the types of data you can obtain from our Stations. You can also choose how general or detailed information is delivered.

What are the other benefits to me of hiring Optimal Station to execute an experiential marketing activation with (or for) me?

We make it possible for you to focus on what matters – connecting with attendees and other businesses and vendors at the show.  Can you imagine if a convention or trade show were actually FUN? We make it so that you can arrive 5 minutes before the show and leave 5 minutes after it ends, all stress-free and fully confident that everything was taken care of.

What happens after the event/show ends?

Post-event, Optimal Station packs everything up and ships it out (working with the material handlers on your behalf) long after you’ve left to enjoy a dinner celebrating the success of the show/event.

Does Optimal Station accommodate both indoor and outdoor activations?

Yes. Just let us know which it is and we’ll take care of the rest.

What are the electrical requirements?

Standard 110 volt outlet/15amps.

Are there any space/size limitations?

Depending upon the Station(s) you choose, there may be minimum space requirements.  Let us know the parameters within which you’re working and we’ll find the best fit for you.

What is the cost of an Optimal Station activation?

We have a wide range of options with a wide range of pricing available so that we can fit into virtually any budget.  Call us and let us know what your budget is and we’ll make it happen!

What will Optimal Station do to make sure my activation is a smashing success?

We’ll perform backflips and stand on our heads, if necessary, to make your show performance so Optimal that you walked away thinking, “Wow!  That was a success!”

If I choose a self-service option, what’s the most important thing I need to keep in mind?

From our experience:  internet, internet, internet.  Even if the venue says they offer great wifi, we’ve learned through the school of hard knocks that once the event starts and all the other exhibitors get on the same wifi, it slows down so dramatically as to be completely ineffective.  The best bet is to arrange for a hard-line IN ADVANCE, which is MUCH less expensive than waiting until the event has started and you’re backed into a corner.

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